Java Tea (Teh Misai Kucing)


Balung Organic Java Tea


Orthosiphon Stamineus

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Balung Organic Java Tea 15’s

Balung Organik Misai Kucing
猫須草茶 15’s

The plant can be identified by its white or purple flowers bearing long, protruding stamens that resemble cats’ whiskers. It is also commonly referred as “Misai Kucing” which means cat whiskers.
Other Name: Orthosiphon Stamineus
Tea type: Dark brown
Ingredient: 100% dried and cut Java leaves

Naturally caffeine-free, Java tea used to cure the problem such as kidney and bladder due to diuretic effects. It also helps in reducing blood pressure levels and regulate blood sugar. Some people believe that the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions of the herb are the reason for this benefit. you can easily reduce some “kilos” with Java tea.

Benefit of Java Tea:
– Regulate blood sugar levels
– Reduces high blood pressure
– Treat Urinary tract
– Relieves aching joints and body pain
– Enhance body Immune System
– Expels excessive sodium(salt) from the body
– Reduce hot flushes when women in menopause

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